Year 10 Transition.

This week we are going to think about attitude.

Attitude is very important.

If we think we cannot do something, the chances are we will not be able to do it.

If we believe we can, then even when we face barriers and obstacles and difficulties, rather than giving up we will look for ways around those problems. We ask for help. We watch how other people do it. And slowly, gradually we get to where we want to be. 

That is success.

Success is not about being able to do something and then doing it. Success is about wanting to do well and then struggling and fighting to get it.

Attitude is really important to us as at school. It is the most important thing that you will bring to school. More important than your uniform, you pens and pencils and books. It is more important and more powerful than the mobile phone in your pocket. Attitude will help you succeed.